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How to construct my first RingleFlow Application

Case Study: "Ask for Leave" Process 

Descriptions: We use UML activity diagram with Enterprise Architect tool to present our case, "Ask for Leave" Process as below:

Rules Definitions(Assumptions)

According to the "Ask for Leave" process,  we define the rules as follows:

 Rule 1: The rules that every partition is assigned to whom must be checked.

 Rule 2: We must implement the program to present how the decision to get the final value.


STEP 1: Workflow Rules Definition in Server-Side. 

Now, we start to implement several rules program to operate workflow smoothly:

1. Employee Partition:  To implement a Class, named EmpSelfRule to get the value in the emp of Process Instance.

Sample Code: C#  | VB .NET 

2. Direct Manager Partition: Get the employee's direct manager by the organization service.

Sample Code: C#  | VB .NET 

3. Indirect Manager Partition: Get the employee's Indirect manager by the organization service.

Sample Code: C#  | VB .NET 

4. HR Department Partition: Get the specific department by the organization service. 

Sample Code: C#  | VB .NET 

5. Decision (approval or not): Confirm if the user approves the specific process by the method to get variable value (Task).

Sample Code: C#  | VB .NET 

6. Decision (Are the days over three days?) : According to the input value to judge if the days are over three days.

Sample Code: C#  | VB .NET 

STEP 2: Write the client program to collocate with RingleFlow in Client-Side. 

1. Apply for Leave:

  • Form Design:

  • Sample Code:

Code Behind (Run Button Click) : C#  | VB .NET 

Controller Program (FillLeaveData Method) : C#  | VB .NET

  • Sequence Diagram: Build workflow 

Note: Use HSDc Sequence Plugin to Generate Sequence Diagram from Source Code. 

2. Manager Approval: 

  • Form Design:

  • Sample Code:

Code Behind : C#  | VB .NET 

(Includes (1) To Do List Click, and (2) Agree/Deny Click above.)

Controller Program : C#  | VB .NET

(Includes (1) RetrieveToDo Method, (2) CompleteTask Method and (3) GetTask Method above.

  • Sequence Diagram:

(1) Get the user's to-do lists.

(2) Perform process approval. (Complete a task.)

Note: Use HSDc Sequence Plugin to Generate Sequence Diagram from Source Code.

3. Search History Information: 

  • Form Design:

  • Sample Code:

Code Behind: C#  | VB .NET 

(Includes (1) Search Click, and (2) Search Variable/Search Approval Progress Click above.)

Controller Program: C#  | VB .NET

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