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 RingleFlow will transfer the activity diagrams into the process definition of the workflow engine automatically. The Auto Routing will assign the specific job to the right person for approval and record all approval status automatically.
HSDc RingleFlow is a project to help developers create their own workflow control system. It integrates with Enterprise Architect which is provided by Sparx Systems powerfully. The workflow planners can draw activity diagram with Enterprise Architect.  

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HSDc RingleFlow is a workflow engine to conform with standard interface from Workflow Management Coalition (WfMC). It is the open-source program to support the Process Definition Tools Interface (1)and Invoked Application Interface (3) of the Workflow Reference Model. 

1.Process Definition Tools Interface (1) : Definition of a standard interface between process definition and modeling tools and the work flow engine(s).

 2.Invoked Application Interface (3) : A standard interface definition of APIs to allow the workflow engine to invoke a variety of applications, through common agent software.

PART 1: RingleFlow Architecture Design

The brief introduction of RingleFlow architecture design is described in part 1.

PART 2: RingleFlow APIs

The details of RingleFlow APIs are described in part 2.

PART 3: How to construct my first RingleFlow Application

One case study, named "Ask for leave" will be practiced in part 3. 

Project Current Roadmap

Current release is 1.3.0, and it's proved by some customers in Taiwan. The object model is followed the WFMc's workflow reference model.


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